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Transport services

30 years of experience in selling solid fuels

We offer vast range of hard coal, brown coal and pellets. We have our own production lines and coal warehouses. We sell all over the country.

Our clients are offered a complex service of coal transport: loading, road or rail transportation and unloading.

We make sure that our product arrives to the destination point in accordance with agreement. Our logistic department monitors the load at every single stage until unloading and based on our clients’ feedback we know they appreciate the information provided.

We offer competitive prices which are calculated for every single transportation service based on weigth, distance, loading and unloading time, date of service, etc.



Logistic Specialist
Mateusz Łopata
K: (+48) 604 780 096
T: (+48) 32 353 60 13
E: mlopata@karbon2.pl