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Polityka cookies

Określa zasady zapisywania i uzyskiwania dostępu do danych na Urządzeniach Użytkowników korzystających z Serwisu do celów świadczenia usług drogą elektroniczną przez Administratora Serwisu.

§1 Definition

Service Karbon 2 website available at www.karbon2.pl

External services – websites of business partners and service suppliers of the Administrator.

Administrator – i.e. Karbon2 Sp z.o.o., located at ul. Modelarska 11a, 40-142 Katowice, tax registration number NIP: 6481006627, supplying online services, and storing and granting access to information through the administrator devices.

User an individual for whom services are supplied by the administrator and through online services.

Device – an electronic device along with the software through which a user is granted access to the service.

Cookies – text files data gathered on the user’s device.

§2 Types of cookies

Internal cookies – files sent to and accessible through the user’s device by the ICT system.

Session cookies - files sent to and accessible through the user’s device by the service provider or eternal service providers within a session. After the session is over, the files are removed from the user’s device.

Permanent cookies- files sent to and accessible through the user’s device by the service provider or eternal service provider and these cookies need to be manually removed. The permanent cookies are not automatically removed after a session is over unless a user has set up such settings manually.

§3 Security

Storing and reading mechanisms – these tools do not allow to download any personal information from the user’s device. Transfer of any type of virus, trojans, etc. is impossible.

Internal cookies – applied by the administrator and these are safe and friendly for user’s device.

External cookies – the administrator can not take any responsibility for the external cookies coming from the service partners. A list of authorised partners is published below.

§4 What cookies are used for

Improvement and easier access to the service – the administrator may store information in the cookie files regarding user’s preferences and settings in terms of the service improvement and easier access to the service.

Statistics – the administrator as well as external services use cookies to gather and analyse data, such as: visit frequency or user’s preferences. These type of information is gathered in order to analyse and improve the service.

Social media services – the administrator along with external services use cookies in order to support the social media.

§5 External services

The administrator cooperates with the following external services which may lodge cookies on user’s device:

§6 Conditions of the storing and accessing data through user’s devices by the service and external services

Each user may change at any time the settings in terms of the saving, removing or accessing the cookie files. Each user may also delete all the saved cookies using user’s tools of the user through which a user is accessing the service.

§7 Service requirements

The storage limit or limited access set in terms of the cookie files on user’s device may cause improper work of certain functions of the service. The administrator is not responsible for any problems caused by any limiting the saving or reading of the cookie files by the service users.

§8 Changes in cookie policy

The administrator has a right to make any change in the cookie policy without notifying the users. The implemented changes are always published on this website and apply from the publication date.