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Ekogroszek coal

30 years of experience in selling solid fuels

We offer vast range of hard coal, brown coal and pellets. We have our own production lines and coal warehouses. We sell all over the country.

Our own speciality

Ekogroszek coal is a unique product in its class and is produced on the base of the Polish hard coal.

The Ekogroszek production process and the components used in the process that guarantee the best quality product.

Ecogroszek coal is a solid fuel obtained from hard coal thanks to highly-developed and monitored production processes. It is characterized by the highest possible calorific value, exceptional purity, as well as the minimal amount of ash left in the combustion process. Low water and sulphur non-combustible content result in only trace amount of harmful substances permeate to the atmosphere. Comparing to other fuels, electric, gas or heating oil, Ecogroszek appears to be more economic and a cheaper alternative.


high calorific value
(> 26 MJ/kg)

highly efficient and economic

high volatile matter

easily combustible product, no coal trace in the ash

low sintering capacity (Rogi index <10)

even combustion process

Ash content <7%

low quantity of ash after combustion

grains 8-25 mm no trace of subgrains

no danger of loader blockage


Sales Director
Ewelina Okońska
K: (+48) 693 518 111
E: eokonska@karbon2.pl

Logistic Specialist
Mateusz Łopata
T: (+48) 32 353 60 13
E: mlopata@karbon2.pl